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Best LED Grow Light 2023 | Kind LED Grow Light Review and Unboxing .com/watch?v=t6Wa6kH_nj4

KIND LED is excited to show you its largest entry in the X Series, the X750. This 750w LED Grow Light is built to last with an extra large footprint and designed to take up as little vertical space as possible so that you can maximize your yield in your grow space. All X Series LED Grow Lights utilize our Targeted Full Spectrum that takes a plant-first approach to light and energy efficiency. We have designed our lights to give your plants exactly what they need to generate the best results for you by omitting light frequencies that don’t get used by plants and end up as wasted heat energy. By giving you the control over your Full Spectrum light during the vegetative and flowering stages, as well as Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) on a separate, dimmable channel for late stage flower supercharging, you now have the ability to light your plants as they grow with the ideal spectral mix they need during every stage of life. 1-855-GGT-GROW Find out more at

22 Replies to “Best LED Grow Light 2023 | Kind LED Grow Light Review and Unboxing”

  1. Does it come in a different color than violet 😖😣. Anodized gold would look a lot better with the black and gold Gorilla Grow tent

    1. Please do a review!! It’d be so helpful in my choosing of a light, I just wanna see the ppfd map tested, seems insanely good spread, really wanna see the 4 shown rmh’s 6-24” maps tested

  2. Hey man, I’m looking for some of the connector cables, male to female extension cables to be able to get more length from power supply to the light.
    Cannot find them anywhere??

    1. I tested a big fixture in my 5×5, that was actually specified for a 4×4, was alot happier when I replaced it with quantum boards.
      I’m pretty much running with less power draw more flexibility and better and more even spread.

    1. @eggs panda….at this stage of time they are only able to produce UVA led diodes that work reasonably….not UVB, what you really want as a grower….maybe some day in the future we’ll have them UVB diodes as well, but for now we’ll have to settle for fluorescent UVB’s to really blowout the trichome production.
      Irie Ites Idren

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