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LED Grow Lights in 2023 and Beyond .com/watch?v=OjsQtL3kozY

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24 Replies to “LED Grow Lights in 2023 and Beyond”

  1. I just got too many girl fold eight 720 w for $34 each off Amazon I don’t even know how it was possible but it’s true

    1. @Rich Firyn Poor dude thinks he came up… He’s gonna lose his sh*t when he realizes that it’s going to take him nearly a year and a half to pay those lights off…😂

    1. Rick Fields you chose the option to use Affirm and therefore you will be spending more money in the long run. You didn’t get those fixtures for that price because you still have to pay the lights off…😂

    2. @Rick Fields Please tell me how… Was there a limit to how many you could buy? You can resell them and make a killing!

    3. Probably a mistake on Amazon’s end. I got a $4k camera for $98 once duentona system errors thst was only up for an hour or so. Sometimes they don’t ship them though, but if you’re lucky they don’t cancel or catch it

  2. I bought two next light Megas from you guys over the last couple of years. What happens to their lifetime warranty? Also, I bought four green sunshine lights two 300s and two 150s, also from you. After dealing with green sunshine for the last year or so trying to get a promised update Kit, but never getting any callbacks or return information. I knew that something fishy was up. Sad news to hear of any company going under, but especially the ones that were touted as industry leaders.

    1. I have an ES300 as well. Gonna buy a new one and retire the 300. Probably go with HLG or Optic they seem to be consistent and have been around for a while

  3. I own a 260r HLG led. It’s been bullet proof for almost 3 years now. Great results on a small scale too. I’m very happy with it and will always choose them for my plant needs.

  4. I really always wondered how many LED companies could be sustained, I guess the question has been answered.
    Also for the home grower, the Chinese based suppliers have snatched up alot of the home market and not just in lighting. No one wants to spend excess for something from a shop (who is just a front for someone like hydrofarm/Hawthrone) when you can get a grow tent or fan for almost half off on Amazon shipped for free.
    The days of your local hydro store being the only supplier of equipment and charging a premium are over. Kinda sucks for those shop owners but my local one has pivoted to selling commercial equipment as well finding his own suppliers

  5. So… Green Sunshine Co. as well as Luxx Lighting has gone out of business while Mars Hydro is thriving? Perhaps it was the ridiculous price tag on the fixtures they were selling?

    I also noticed that G8 Led no longer has any offerings other than their ufo bloom booster so they may be next in line huh? Greedy ass grow light companies getting what they deserve with their overpriced fixtures…

  6. if anything america know how to fuck things up..
    is this legal cannabis in america 🤣 cheap grow lights for companys 🤭

    not many of those companys will survive outside the states.
    and the are probetly not legal on the marked in eu half of them..

    i doubt the shows in eu will get this bad while im alive

    i dont agree there is no revolution, you just have to look other places then straight at the sun..
    the controls comming out this year will save people just as many money as the led did

    gavitas new controller that cost 1/6 of a american trollmaster is deffently a cheap way to save alot of money on wasted light

  7. None of this mess should be blamed on Consumers. More than half of those manufacturers are using 3+ year old diodes in their boards.
    Why are you still supporting those that just add a monitor and Bluetooth support and try to prize it as innovation?

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