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Making the switch to LED Grow Lights?!?! .com/watch?v=Bv7bINnBQCY

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Chilled Tech – LED Grow Lights & Spectrum Control
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17 Replies to “Making the switch to LED Grow Lights?!?!”

  1. glad to see you at it again. Alien Rift ? do you still have it. my 1st grow. loved it. thank you πŸ’― ❀️

  2. As a owner of 3 Chilled Growcraft lights, (one single bar veg and 2 flowering x600s) and they are amazing lights. Left my HPS behind after I got these. You wont be disappointed.

  3. I want the x600… I really looked into chill, Illuminar, kind, and medic grow. I like the other 3 for uv + ir but I’ve seen the chill produce the dank so….

  4. I found with Luxx Leds that I had to increase my macros and my cal-mag but specifically Mag considerably! I’d love your take on why this is happening. I have been using 500 mg of GH calmag at an EC of 2500-3k opposed to the normal 1.4-1.8 during flowering

  5. I still have some seeds I gotten from your booth at one of the high times a few years back. I had a pack of dragons breath but still have a pack of alien abduction. I hope they’ll still germinate. Any tips that’ll help get these aged packs to pop?

    1. GA3…. Gibberellic Acid, he has a video on it. However been only 3 years old I’d think they’d pop no problem, it’s 10-20 years when you start to have issues.

  6. LED’S are a life saver in my 2×3 I have a 150 watt and the plants are on the edge of overload they are legit lights and run a lot cooler

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